I took a bit of persuading that the internet needed yet another racing tipster, because Twitter, Facebook, and various racing-related Forums and Blogs seemed to be giving me the very firm impression that everyone is a wanna-be tipster these days. Somehow I doubt that many of them have been closer to a racehorse than a newspaper’s form pages, but it’s not for me to judge.

As for myself, I have operated subscription-based tipping services in the past for various racing groups, but if you have heard of me then I haven’t done my job properly. I seek no glory and prefer to get my bets on quietly and without fuss. This site has been started as a favour to my friends at Amazing Racing, who run several racehorse syndicates, and have been doing rather well since creating the Amazing Racing “brand”, achieving several wins for their horses, which are currently trained in Staffordshire by Daniel Mark Loughnane. You can find out more about them and their horses at their main site by clicking THIS LINK.

Anyway, the organisers of Amazing Racing thought it would spice things up for their syndicate members – and any other interested parties – to have a resident tipster, so for better or worse, here I am. Or perhaps I should just describe myself as a “guest” tipster. Let me be clear from the start that this site will not be giving out information about the Amazing Racing horses themselves – because that will be only be passed on to syndicate members who are paying for the privilege – nor will I be passing on tips about any other horses in the yard, for the simple reason that other owners in the yard are entitled to keep that private.

This service is free and as far as I am aware it will remain so for as long as Amazing Racing want me to provide it. I will probably give no more than one or two tips per day, sometimes none, and these will be based solely on my assessment of the days racing, form analysis, breeding analysis, and what I know about how certain trainers operate. There will very probably be no “inside information” as such because any trainer or owner worth his salt would have to be pretty stupid to tell anyone like me who was likely to put that information in a blog or on the end of a telephone line. Remember that the next time you see an advert for a premium rate service claiming to have news of something that has been laid out for weeks.

Racing and betting are tremendously thrilling pursuits, but never bet more than you can afford to lose, and as the slogan goes these days, when the fun stops, stop. Bet responsibly and be lucky. Hopefully we can have some fun and earn a few quid along the way.